On-Site Training

If your organization needs EnCase® training, but does not have a computer training laboratory or a travel budget, this program has been designed for you. Guidance Software will bring all the necessary equipment and materials to your site and our instructor will conduct the course. This program is ideal for organizations with limited travel budgets as well as those who need to train a number of their employees at the same time, but cannot afford to have so many of their personnel away. Students will receive the same high-quality instruction that they would at a Guidance Software training facility.

  • Minimum six students (minimum is 8 for International), maximum 24 students.
  • Classes will be held Tuesday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.
  • Hosting agency will supply a classroom that will seat the number of students that will attend the course with an adequate power source, a white board, and a projection screen.
  • Guidance Software will provide an instructor, notebook computers, a digital projector, and all classroom materials.
  • The pricing is the same as our regular instructor-led courses with these additional charges:
    • Lab shipping fee. The fee is $1,000.00 in the U.S. and $1,500.00 international.
    • Instructor fee. The fee is $5,000.00 for one instructor for up to 12 students and $10,000.00 for two instructors for 13–24 students.

No discounts are available and cannot be combined with any other offer or program. No refunds for unused seats. Annual Training Passports and Flex Training Package seats cannot be used for private on-site training classes.


For more information, contact Guidance Software Training at training@guidancesoftware.com or +1 (626) 463-7966.

For more information regarding refund concerns and program cancellation policies, contact Guidance Software Training at training@guidancesoftware.com or +1 (626) 463-7966.

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