Directory of Certified Professionals

EnCase® Certified Examiners (EnCE) and EnCase® Certified eDiscovery Practitioners (EnCEP) are esteemed worldwide for employing the most advanced skills and working to the highest professional standards in digital forensics, e-discovery, and every type of digital investigation. Find the certified professional closest to you.

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Name Certification Location Contact Info
Aaron Alexander EnCE GA, United States
Aaron Gersztoff EnCE CT, United States
Aaron Kyle Heath EnCE SC, United States
Abayomi Oyebefun EnCE Nigeria
Abdul Khader Sarmathy EnCE Kerala, India
Abhishek Tripathi EnCE India
Abraham Rivera EnCE NY, United States
Abulqais Kinkhabwala EnCE Newcastle, United Kingdom
Adam Flowers EnCE OK, United States
Adam Harrison EnCE United Kingdom

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