Solutions for Information Technology (IT) Teams

Information Technology (IT) Teams

With increasing demands from users, legal and
HR teams, and regulatory bodies, you need to
enable visibility into data and activity on
corporate endpoints.

EnCase Products Solve Many Challenges of IT
and Help Desk Teams, Offering:

  • Faster Resolution of Remote Help Desk Requests

    Faster Resolutions of Remote
    Help Desk Requests

  • Powerful E-Discovery Collections

    Powerful E-Discovery Collections

  • Remote and Discreet Internal Investigations

    Remote and Discreet
    Internal Investigations

  • Remote System Troubleshooting

    Remote System Troubleshooting

  • Intuitive E-Discovery Collections

    Intuitive E-Discovery Collections

Speeding Resolution of
Remote Help Desk Requests

We're Challenged by help desk tickets from remote employees asking for help restoring files or taking full disk images, which requires physical access to their computers.

You can accomplish key remote help desk tasks without taking users offline or sending a help desk team member to their locations with EnCase Remote Recovery +.

Troubleshooting Remote Systems

Anomalous behavoir or poor performance
on remote user systems tends to require
taking the system offline and either shipping
it to your location or putting IT support
specialist on the road. Either way, people
lose valuable work time.

EnCase Remote Recovery + lets you remotely diagnose common system ailments, check system configuration and network connectivity, and collect diagnostic information from remote systems from your own desktop.

Learn more or download a trial version here.

Simplifying E-Discovery Collections

With terabytes of data to search, the
e-discovery collections process is
enormously time-consuming.

Having a repeatable and comprehensive
e-discovery approach saves IT teams from reinventing the wheel when each notic of impending litigation comes down from Legal.

EnCase eDiscovery is a complete,
enterprise-grade e-discovery solution that gives Legal oversight and degree of secure
self-empowerment in accordance with IT governance policies.

Learn More about EnCase eDiscovery

Streamlining Internal Investigations

HR, Legal, and Risk and Compliance are asking
for more and more internal investigations,
which stresses our already overloaded IT team.

Empower investigators to support any department or regulatory request in less
time with the most trusted and powerful
digital-investigations tool available—
EnCase Enterprise.

Find out more about EnCase Enterprise

Rely on the Wordld Leader
in Digital Investigations

Guidance Software is recognized globally as a leader in digital forensics, security intelligence, cybersecurity, and e-discovery software solutions. Our services include incident response, computer forensics, and litigation support, provided by experts with hands-on experience in every facet of digital and security investigations. Each year we also train over 6,000 enterprise security, law-enforcement, and government professionals in digital forensics, e-discovery, security intelligence, and incident response.

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