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At Guidance Software, we recognize that an investigative platform needs to be as flexible as our customers are unique. And, we embrace this challenge every day. Whether you're an executive trying to assess risk, or a specialist trying to extract data, we provide you with the visibility, speed, and confidence that you need...no matter how complex. Guidance has the expertise to help you solve the most difficult security issues.

Solutions by issue

You shouldn't have to hack your passwords or rip apart your network to locate sensitive data and reduce risk. Guidance Software will help you know more about all your endpoints, so your organization can go about business as usual.

Regulatory Compliance Find what matters to support everything from SOX and PCI-DSS to HIPAA and SEC audits and investigations
Breach Detection Equip your security team with proactive threat intelligence and automated incident response
Employee Investigation Uncover every shred of evidence with the deep endpoint visibility delivered by EnCase
Law Enforcement Investigation Close more cases with the fastest, most comprehensive forensic solution available
Litigation Support Streamline the e-discovery process so attorneys can focus on case strategy
Sensitive Data From credit card numbers to intellectual property, endpoint data is the #1 target of hackers

Solutions by industry

Whether you're a healthcare company or a government agency, you have one thing in common: too much sensitive data and too little visibility across all your endpoints. Guidance Software's industry solutions help you overcome challenges specific to your organization – whether it's plummeting workflow efficiency or slow response automation or anything else in between.

Financial Services
Law Enforcement

Solutions by role

From information security to legal and investigative teams, making an informed decision requires complete visibility across more places. Instead of wasting your time on guesswork, Guidance Software delivers everything you need to manage data visibility, reveal risk and empower response.

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