Solutions for Internal Investigations

As a professional digital investigator, you and your skills have never been more in demand. That’s the good news. The challenge lies in the fact that you’re being asked to investigate more and more cases for a larger variety of organizational and regulatory purposes than ever before—and all without adding headcount.

You need software solutions, training, and services that can help your organization gear up for best practices in every type of internal investigations in a way that helps you save time, close more cases faster, and prove regulatory compliance.


Rely on the World Leader in Digital Investigations

Guidance Software is recognized globally as a leader in digital forensics, security intelligence, cybersecurity, and e-discovery software solutions. Our services include incident response, computer forensics, and litigation support, provided by experts with hands-on experience in every facet of digital and security investigations. Each year we also train over 6,000 enterprise security, law-enforcement, and government professionals in digital forensics, e-discovery, security intelligence, and incident response.

  • IP Theft and Nuisance Lawsuits

  • SOX Compliance

  • HR Investigations

  • SEC Regulations

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