Issue and Manage a Legal Hold

The truest test of whether legal hold is under control is in the speed and efficiency with which custodians respond. All too often, a long email with complicated instructions is simply not sufficient to clarify for various custodians precisely which types of data must be preserved--in fact, just finding out whether or not the notices have been received can be a daunting process. With the possibility of fines or other sanctions looming, legal departments need a more manageable way of gaining oversight and control of the process of litigation hold. 

Rely on the World Leader in Digital Investigations

Guidance Software is recognized globally as a world leader in digital forensics, security intelligence, cybersecurity, and e-discovery software solutions. Our services include incident response, computer forensics, and litigation support, provided by experts with hands-on experience in digital investigation. Each year we also train over 6,000 enterprise security, law-enforcement, and government professionals in digital forensics, e-discovery, security analytics, and incident response.

  • Mastering Litigation Holds

  • A Repeatable Process

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