The Guidance Software Advisory Program (GAP) is designed to ensure successful adoption of the Guidance EnCase suite of products into your business process and operations. Our methodology is focused on analysis, planning, and continual assessment for areas of process improvement and reduced potential risk. In addition, our GAP customers are provided a designated Advisory Consultant, who serves as a dedicated program manager throughout the process, offering you a direct connection to Guidance Software network of application, technical and industry experts.

Service Overview:

The Guidance Software Advisory Program (GAP) follows a proven approach that includes the following:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Review of your current policies and procedures and a comprehensive gap analysis against best practices.

  • Customized Program Plan: Provide a customized roadmap, based on the results of the analysis, to help you automate procedures, reduce inefficiencies, establish a documented, defensible and repeatable workflow, and align your procedures with industry best practices.

  • Plan Implementation: Work with you to implement this tailored business process plan into your environment.

  • Ongoing Investigations: Ensure your processes are current, minimize risk, and help your business ensure compliance.

  • Customized Reports: Provide customized reports containing tangible and actionable metrics that reveal your company’s progress in compliance with best practices, the volume and variety of incidents you have responded to and the increased speed at which these incidents are resolved

Best of all, GAP was specifically designed to deliver a positive return on investment within the first year. We are committed to your increased success and security, and to keeping your digital investigative costs to a minimum. Let our Guidance Software experts streamline and optimize your approach to digital investigations, e-Discovery, and cyber security to save your company time and money.

Key Benefits:

  • Identifies inefficiencies and risks to your business
  • Delivers a customized roadmap for improving process maturity
  • Empowers your staff with in-depth knowledge of proven best practices
  • Optimizes your use of technology based on your business goals
  • Provides ongoing evaluation and measurable results

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