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Internal investigations are an essential part of an enterprise security program. When HR policy violations, accounting fraud, computer misuse, theft or other injustices are suspect, corporations and government agencies must be able to investigate these events in a forensically sound and efficient manner. That’s why so many organizations turn to Guidance Software, the de-facto market standard for all types of digital investigations.

With the combination of our proven trusted software and expert consultants, you can be confident in your findings. Our consultants can help you perform a structured investigation while maintaining a documented chain of evidence to learn exactly what happened on your digital devices and ensure your organization has legal recourse. We can also work with you to build and improve your standard operating procedures and forensic laboratory. In addition to many years of forensics experience, all of our consultants hold the distinguished EnCE® certification.

Service Overview:

Guidance Software forensic services include the following:

  • Data Collection & Preservation: Our expert consultants help identify, preserve, and collect electronically stored information (ESI) using court-approved tools and techniques. Data is gathered from desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablet devices, and much more in a forensically sound, defensible and cost effective manner without disrupting operations.

  • Remote Data Collection & Processing: Encase Portable, a pocket-size USB device, enables users to collect data in any location—even in remote environments off the corporate network or with slow bandwidth connectivity. To make the task of collection even easier, Guidance Software consultants can facilitate and manage data collections for you in a defensible and forensically sound manner.
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  • Data Analysis and Reporting: We employ leading edge techniques to analyze the data and related metadata. Our trained forensic experts then provide a full range of reports to help you fully assess the relevant data.

  • Forensic Best Practices and Lab Development: Based on our extensive forensic experience, we can help you develop and improve your forensics best practices, establish standard operating procedures, and design and set up your forensic laboratory. After reviewing your current processes and technology against the leading practices, our team will assist you to establish procedures for evidence handling, examination protocols, reporting protocols, and other key practices. We employ the latest technology and the highest standards to provide quality assurance and control.

  • Forensic Equipment Calibration and Maintenance: Digital evidence standards require that analytical instruments be maintained in proper working order and properly calibrated. Our consultants can audit your existing equipment and recommend upgrades to help you maintain the highest standards of practice.

  • Expert Witness Testimony: Our forensic consulting professionals are available to provide deposition and expert trial testimony when needed.

Key Benefits:

  • Employ evidence collection methods that are forensically sound, defensible, and cost-effective
  • Mitigate risks, improve efficiency, and reduce costs of investigations
  • Preserve evidence integrity with the court vetted EnCase evidence file format
  • Enhance your forensic best practices and forensic labs
  • Ensure that you’re your forensic equipment is properly calibrated
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory investigation requirements
  • Gain peace of mind with forensic experts who obtained EnCE certification

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