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Guidance Software enables clients to ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of their data, systems, and networks through innovative solutions and technologies. Our industry experts architect, implement, and manage cutting-edge, enterprise-wide information security programs. We don’t just meet the industry standards--we surpass them. Our cybersecurity consultants are leaders capable of performing all of the facets of information security.

As the digital forensics market leader, our consultants are trained and EnCase EnCE® certified digital forensic investigators. Evidence preservation is considered in all of the services we provide. With Guidance Software, you can rest assured that your matters will be handled in a secure and forensically sound manner.

Service Overview:

  • Incident Response: Our information security experts are trained incident responders capable of leading large incident response engagements. They have effectively managed and remediated some of the most notorious information security incidents in history. As multidiscipline information security professionals, they are capable of handling incidents with a multitude of tools, technologies, and techniques. They are also fully capable of leveraging the EnCase Cybersecurity suite to identify, contain, and remediate threats.

  • Program Development: Through our Program Development Services, you can bring best of breed information security programs in house. Our Cybersecurity consultants have developed innovative, cutting-edge, information security programs that exceed industry standards. We offer a variety of cutting-edge offerings to help you develop programs such as Security Operation Center and Incident Response Program Development. We will partner with you to develop a program tailored to your goals and objectives.

  • Threat Assessment: The Guidance Software Threat Assessment Service is a unique offering in which our Cybersecurity experts leverage their knowledge, experience, and the power of EnCase Cybersecurity to identify advanced persistent threats (APTs), bad actors, and other threats. We can also create a threat matrix that maps the threats to your organization to their mitigating controls.

Key Benefits:

  • Our Cybersecurity experts provide cutting-edge, enterprise-wide, information security solutions
  • Our Cybersecurity services provide a high return on investment (ROI). Your employees work side by side with our industry experts.
  • Services are tailored to your goals and objectives
  • Our Cybersecurity consultants are supported by our wealth of knowledge
  • Services are performed by industry certified professionals. Evidence preservation is considered in everything that we do.

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