Forensic Imager [TD3]

Powerful Functionality with Unmatched Flexibility

With a color touch-screen user interface, the Tableau Forensic Imager is a high performance, reliable, and easy-to-use forensic duplicator for your drive cloning and forensic imaging needs. With built-in .dd, .dmg, .e01, and .ex01 imaging support, the TD3 gives you the flexibility to handle any duplication requirements in a forensically-sound manner:

  • Image SATA, USB 3.0/2.0/1.1, FireWire, IDE*, SAS*, and Ethernet-connected network drives
  • Image directly to bare hard drives
  • Work with a variety of formats (NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, and HFS+)
  • SATA Storage Module [TDS2] provides a simple way to connect a hard drive to the TD3 without the need for tools or additional cables
  • Simultaneously create two images of a source SATA drive (1:2 "twinning” mode) with two connected TDS2s
  • FireWire port allows for convenient imaging of Mac™ systems booted in "Target Disk Mode" without the hassle of hard drive removal

*Expansion modules available for IDE [TDPX5] and SAS [TDPX6] drives

Enhanced Networking Options

The TD3’s network connection provides you with a new way to handle your network forensic acquisitions, triage, and write-blocking needs. For organizations with a high volume of network-based imaging needs, you can add the Gigabit Ethernet Expansion Module [TDPXE] that provides two additional network connections and enhanced performance.

When imaging, the TD3 supports formatting and use of a variety of evidence drive disk formats, including: NTFS, exFAT, FAT32, and HFS+.

Dive Right into Remote Investigations

With the TD3 web application you can configure and manage your acquisitions remotely as well as download files from a storage device connected to the TD3 from any web browser, on any device.

View Drives & Collect Evidence as a Remote Write-Blocker

There are instances when you may want to preview or collect data from a storage device in another location. When used as a network-based write-blocker, the TD3 supports this. With the appropriate IP address, you can access the TD3 via the Internet. A storage device connected to a TD3's write-blocked port can be presented as an iSCSI target or as a CIFS volume. In this manner, you can browse or even collect data from the remote storage device. Often, accessing data remotely is more convenient and secure than physically transporting the storage devices.

All-In-One Portable Forensic Solution

The TD3 is a self-contained, portable alternative to carrying a forensic workstation into the field. In addition to cloning and imaging operations, you can complete other forensic requirements such as format, wipe, hash, blank-check, and HPA and DCO detection and removal. The Tableau Forensic Imager provides the flexibility you need to get your job done.

Use Cases

Output to USB 3.0 with Expansion Module

TD3 users benefit from the flexibility and performance of writing out to USB 3.0 storage devices with the included USB 3.0 Expansion Module [TDPX8-RW].

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