Forensic Duplicator [TD2u]

Designed and built to meet the critical needs of the digital forensic community, Tableau’s Forensic Duplicator is the ideal combination of easy operation, reliability, and ultra-fast forensic imaging performance. As the next generation product of the award-winning Tableau TD2, the TD2u offers improved performance, an updated color LCD user interface, and multiple new features.

Forensic Imaging Support for USB 3.0, SATA, IDE, and SAS:

Built to excel in both field and lab environments, the TD2u can be used to make one (1:1), two (1:2), or three (1:3) forensically-sound copies of digital storage devices such as hard disks and solid state drives (SSDs). It natively images USB 3.0, SATA, and IDE/PATA storage devices and can (optionally) image SAS drives by using the same TDP6 expansion module as used with the TD2 and TD1. Using the very latest in solid-state SATA drives, the TD2u images in excess of 15 GB/minute (.eO1, compressed with MD5 and SHA-1 hashing). Wiping speeds exceed 25 GB/minute.

Standard features include: Disk-to-Disk (clone) and Disk-to-File (image) duplication, Format, Wipe, Hash (MD5 or SHA-1), HPA/DCO detection and removal, and Blank Disk Check. TD2u outputs to raw DD, .e01 (compressed), .ex01 (compressed), or .dmg formats.

Whole Disk Encryption Available!

The TD2u supports whole disk encryption of destination drives using a user-supplied password and the XTF-AES encryption algorithm, which is recommended by NIST for protecting the confidentiality of data on storage devices. Drives encrypted by a TD2u can be unlocked on a computer using the open source VeraCrypt software, or with another TD2u. No additional adapters are required for this feature, simply update your TD2u to version 1.2.0 firmware or later. Valuable features added through free firmware updates are a regular Tableau practice.

Enhanced User Experience with Color LCD:

The TD2u’s color LCD user interface provides crisp, easy-to-view operational and device status information. The color display improves the user experience significantly, providing an at-a-glance visual of devices connected and status information. By maintaining the same easy-to-navigate menu structure as prior Tableau duplicators, the TD2u’s learning curve is minimal for any user.

Award Winning

Winner of the Forensic 4:cast "2016 Computer Forensic Hardware of the Year" award. Forensic 4:cast awards are driven by the forensic community and "Computer Forensic Hardware of the Year" has been won by a Tableau product since 2008.

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