Because business happens on the endpoint, and EnCase® lets you see more — down deeper on the endpoint, across servers, even into the cloud — than any other technology. So whether you need to stop a hack, verify regulatory compliance, or prove or disprove insider misconduct — EnCase products deliver more of what matters right now.


To stop a hack before it becomes a breach, you need comprehensive visibility into what's happening on all your network endpoints. EnCase sees, identifies, and analyzes security threats in more places on the endpoint and in data stores than any other technology.

EnCase Endpoint Security Defend Your Organization with Unknown Threat Detection, Response Automation and Sensitive Data Discovery.
EnCase eDiscovery Reduce legal risk and cost with a unified, scalable, defensible, and repeatable solution.
EnCase Enterprise The most powerful and easiest-to-use remote investigation solution available.
EnCase Forensics Conduct swift and powerful digital investigations using a forensically sound and defensible process.
EnCase AppCentral Extend the power of EnCase with EnCase apps and tap into the expertise of our EnScript developers.

Hardware & Appliances

In the field and in the lab, Tableau™ forensic imagers, bridges, and password-recovery appliances help investigators unlock and acquire data with lightning speed and complete reliability.

EnCase Portable
Jump Start Server
Guidance hardware


Count on trusted advisors, and staffing partners who collaborate with your team to deliver the best security and digital investigations strategies and practices anywhere.

Implementation & Integration
Professional Services
Staff Augmentation


Learn from award-winning trainers who bring real-world experience from jobs just like yours so you can build the very latest skills, secure your company and its data, and close more cases faster.

Training Courses
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