EnCase Portable


EnCase® Portable is a powerful solution, delivered on a USB device, that allows forensic professionals and non-experts alike to quickly and easily triage and collect vital data in a forensically sound and court-proven manner. You’ll close cases faster and reduce your case backlog by focusing on analyzing potential evidence, not searching through data.


Save Time and Money with EnCase Portable

  • Scan for evidence without having to call in specialists or seize computers
  • Remotely perform forensically sound collection of data from any computer with a USB port at any organizational or search location
  • Immediately access critical information
  • Reduce backlog by allowing non-experts to perform forensically sound triage and collection
  • Pre-screened evidence reduces data, allowing forensic experts to work more efficiently
  • Create pre-configured data-collection jobs for non-experts, then return to experts for analysis
  • Core Capabilities

  • Benefits

  • EnCase Portable for Forensic Teams

  • EnCase Portable for Field Personnel

  • EnCase Portable for Law Firms and Forensic Service Providers

  • EnCase Portable for the Enterprise

  • Real-World Triage and Collection with EnCase Portable

  • Training

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