Reduce Costs and Risk while Streamlining Your E-Discovery Process with EnCase eDiscovery

EnCase® eDiscovery is our industry leading electronic discovery (e-discovery) solution addressing the end-to-end e-discovery needs of corporations and government agencies. This comprehensive and scalable solution for effectively managing electronically stored documents in litigation, arbitration, and internal or regulatory investigations significantly reduces the risk and cost associated with e-discovery. Our complete product portfolio spans from legal hold to identification, collection, preservation, processing, first-pass review , best-in-class early case assessment (ECA), review, and production capabilities.

EnCase eDiscovery: E-Discovery Done Right

EnCase® eDiscovery also delivers ECA, review, and production functions in a SaaS model, so that geographically dispersed inside and outside counsel, expert witnesses, and consultants can efficiently review collected documents without needing any special equipment or software other than a web browser and internet connectivity.

When to Bring E-Discovery In-House

In today’s legal and technological landscape, the best determinant of whether or not you should bring e-discovery in-house isn’t the size of your organization, but rather the size or the volume of cases you address each year. If you typically handle at least two large cases per year or four to five smaller cases each month, EnCase® eDiscovery can save you tremendous time, cost, and risk.

As Gartner Research Distinguished Analyst Deb Logan said recently in a joint webinar, "Most companies with any kind of level of litigation at all—maybe even 10 cases a year or one or two big cases a year with multiple custodians—should really give serious thought to bringing the process in-house."

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