Defend Your Organization with Real-Time Incident Response and Sensitive Data Discovery

Sensitive data is what drives your business, making loss of that data one of the largest risks your organization faces today. Adding to this vulnerability are the rising frequency of attacks, growing costs of remediation, and lengthening time-to-response. Limited visibility into both the targets of attacks as well as where and how sensitive data is stored only compounds the problem.

Incident Response and Sensitive Data Audit  

  • Attack Frequency

    Attack Frequency

    90% of businesses report at least one breach over 12 months

  • Remediation Costs

    Remediation Costs

    Average cost per attack is $591,000 - 42% higher than 2011

  • Response Times

    Response Times

    Average response times in 2012:
    External Attack: 24 days
    Internal Malfeasance: 50 days

The critical questions for information security teams today are:

  • How can you respond to an incident without the ability to do real-time threat analysis?
  • How can you fully protect your sensitive data without a risk-assessment inventory?

EnCase® Cybersecurity helps you implement both a risk-assessment plan and a rapid-response process that complement and extend your current security technologies in order to quickly execute the following without adding team members:

EnCase® Cybersecurity Startup Training

Encase® Start Up on-demand product training to let you jump-in and quickly get started with your new software. EnCase® Start Up is available for select Guidance Software products at no cost. You can refer to it whenever you need it; brush-up on features and functionality, or bring a new team member up-to-speed.
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EnCase® Cybersecurity for Incident Response

On a normal day, a corporate network can experience over one million attempted cyber attacks. Response times are growing along with costs, frequency of events, and the number of alerting tools your team must manage. Now you can combat the rising threat and costs of cyber attacks with the real-time incident response solution used by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Bank of the West, Polo Ralph Lauren Corporation, and many other leading companies, law-enforcement and government agencies.
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Sensitive Data Discovery with EnCase® Cybersecurity

Discover and record a full inventory of personally identifiable information (PII), intellectual property (IP), and payment card industry (PCI) data in order to scope and measure its associated risk. Powered by industry-standard EnCase® technology, Sensitive Data Discovery offers a streamlined and comprehensive way to boost security audit capabilities while protecting security investments.
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EnCase Startup Training
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