Triage Evidence Processing

Simplify Triage in the Field

Identifying the relevance of potential evidence, prioritizing it, and determining whether further processing is needed are key aspects of the triage phase of an investigation. With EnCase Enterprise and EnCase Portable, your forensic experts and non-experts alike can quickly review information stored on computers in the field in real-time - without altering or damaging information.

Prioritize evidence processing by file type or keywords, then review early results before processing has completed.


In Version 7, powerful new Evidence Processor Prioritization lets you process a subset of the evidence and begin examining it while the Evidence Processor continues with processing - a significant advantage when processing very large files or collections of files.

Automated Processing enables:

  • Automation of common processes
  • Integration and use of custom modules
  • More consistent processing through templates
  • Results that are easier to find and use

Learn More about simple-to-run triage processing in the field with EnCase Portable.

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"With the size of today's hard drives averaging anywhere from 60 to 80 gigabytes, I just don't know how you would accurately analyze them in a timely manner with anything other than EnCase Enterprise."

Roy Rector
Computer Forensics Examiner
Austin Police Department

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