Second-Pass Evidence Processing

Easily Share Findings for Second-Pass Review

Today's digital investigations often require that you share evidence with other team members or with third parties during inter-agency investigations, regulatory audits, and internal investigations. Inside the enterprise, executives from nearly all departments have a vested interest in computer investigations, as mounting legislation and regulations make management accountable for self-regulation, financial authenticity, and disclosure. That means that evidence captured by EnCase Enterprise may need to be reviewed by legal, audit, or human resources teams — and possibly by outside parties.


The Review Package

EnCase Enterprise lets you easily share your findings with detectives, DA's, attorneys, field agents or anyone interested in the case. Investigations are completed faster and more efficiently through "parallel processing" as multiple parties review information in the same timeframe.

With the advanced Review Package in EnCase Enterprise, you can easily:

  • Export and share evidence with any appropriate person in any location
  • Browse through evidence and tag files related to the case with a click; reviewers send results back and you can readily integrate their results back into the case
  • Take control over what gets reviewed and by whom with granular filtering options.

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