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Speed and power are just two of the frequently cited reasons our customers choose EnCase Enterprise—but there are many more reasons to go with the industry leader. At our latest release – EnCase Enterprise Version 7 – enhancements to the built-in Case Analyzer gives you deeper insight into computer systems through higher-level reports on metadata and the ability to compare potentially related artifacts side-by-side.

This helps you provide a new level of analysis before sharing critical information with your extended investigation team in order to further your investigation.

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The Case Analyzer in EnCase Enterprise delivers everything you need to analyze potential evidence efficiently for faster case resolution.


Efficiently Capture Potential Evidence from Volatile Data

The Snapshot feature in EnCase Enterprise gives you the ability to readily capture and analyze RAM from target machines—even from numerous target computers concurrently. This simplifies the process of determining commonalities or exposing anomalies, which can be critical when investigating computer security incidents.

Snapshot quickly captures volatile data to reveal details about open ports, running processes, and other crucial information at any given moment.

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EnCase Enterprise components work through the Secure Authentication for EnCase (SAFE) to provide vital Snapshot data.

Automate the Capture of Volatile Data

If power is lost or a system fault occurs, volatile data in the RAM of a server or workstation is lost, unlike static data stored on hard drives, USB devices, and CDs. Snapshot lets you automate the capture of numerous pieces of information that are critical during incident response, including:

  • Users on a system
  • TCP and UDP port information
  • Open files
  • Running processes and applications
  • Loaded/injected DLLs
  • System resources

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"EnCase Enterprise saved us more than $1 million in the first six months of its use. It also allowed us to complete a critical M&A discovery issue that would have been impossible with any other software or services options in the market today."

Ted Barlow
CSO & VP of Risk Management
McAfee, Inc.

Ease Regulatory Compliance

The capabilities of EnCase Enterprise map to requirements for:
  • GLBA 501b
  • Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX)
  • SB1386
  • ISO 27001

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