The Most Powerful and Easy-To-Use Remote Investigation Solution Available

Give your security specialists, investigators, computer incident-response teams, and litigation specialists everything they need to immediately and thoroughly search, collect, preserve, and analyze data from servers and workstations anywhere on your corporate network - without disrupting operations. Be confident in your findings using EnCase® Enterprise, the trusted and industry-leading digital forensics solution used by more than 65 of the Fortune 100 and by numerous government agencies.

Remote Investigation Solution 

Market Leaders and Government Agencies Trust EnCase Enterprise to:

  • Reduce costs and improve efficiencies with a centralized digital investigation capability
  • Increase confidence in findings by using the #1 solution for remote investigations
  • Achieve compliance with regulatory investigation requirements
  • Uncover potential evidence faster than ever using advanced searching capabilities
  • Improve efficiency by automating common investigation tasks
  • Preserve evidence integrity with the court-proven EnCase® evidence file format
  • Enable the foundation for digital investigation, incident response, and electronic data discovery

Dependable Results:

You can be confident in your findings when using the proven, trusted, industry-leading forensic solution.

Powerful Search:

You'll uncover more potential evidence faster using advanced search capabilities to identify data that would be irretrievable with other computer forensic applications.

Efficient Automation:

Boost your efficiency through automation of investigative tasks with EnScript®, the scripting extension built into EnCase Enterprise.


Rest assured that EnCase Enterprise preserves data in an evidence file format (L01,Lx01 or E01, Ex01) with an unsurpassed record of court acceptance.

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"EnCase Enterprise saved us more than $1 million in the first six months of its use. It also allowed us to complete a critical M&A discovery issue that would have been impossible with any other software or services options in the market today."

Ted Barlow
CSO & VP of Risk Management
McAfee, Inc.

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